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Get professional guidance from Cyber Security experts.

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Get professional guidance from Cyber Security experts.

RISIMS –Tech troopers in Security Battleground

RISIMS is founded on a simple idea: promote information security best practices and work with organizations to address cyber security challenges.

RISIMS Information Security Consulting Services team helps organizations protect information assets, achieve compliance and meet regulatory requirements through the development of long-term, sustainable solutions that manage security risks on a continuous note. Our dedicated team is instrumental in providing a common language for understanding, managing, and expressing cybersecurity risk both internally and externally.

We partner with individuals and organizations to offer independent services that helps reduce risk, streamline processes and function in a more sustainable way.

RISIMS is a Global Canadian based company and offers consulting and training expertise in the area of Risk Management, Information Security, Payment Card Industry, Information Privacy, Business Continuity, Vendor Management, Quality Management and Service Standards.


Promote global best practices and support security governance frameworks across board.


Our mission is to provide our customers with the best in class service through exquisite training and consultation.

Your Pathway to Cyber Security


Professional Cyber Security Consulting

We can help you enhance your Cyber Security efficiency and increase your business value.

Security Risk & Compliance

Providing guidance in detecting risks and developing compliance strategies.

Vulnerability & Threat Management

Intelligent threat and vulnerability services including penetration testing and software security.

Audit and Certification for Individuals

Providing detailed procedures for dealing and mitigating security incidents.

Training & Certification for Individuals

Building strong foundations for Cyber Security implementation, management and control.

Education & Security Awareness

Improving security by educating employees and partners about the value of Cyber Security.

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Consulting Press is a leading Cyber Security consulting company with over 20 years of experience in Cyber Security.

Our Cyber Security consultants will help you in decreasing your security costs and enhancing your business Cyber Security by focusing on key Cyber Security areas, such as:

  • Data protection

  • Risk management

  • Incident planning & response

  • Threat intelligence

Securing your most valuable business assets with smaller costs.

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