Technology Risk Assessments

The current euphoria of Business enterprise has nurtured into an unpredictable and volatile world. While organizations have been conducting risk assessment for years, many still find it challenging to extract their real value. An effective risk management process is an important component of a successful IT security program. The principal goal of an organization’s risk management process should be to protect the organization and its ability to perform their mission, not just its IT assets. Therefore, the risk management process should not be treated primarily as a technical function carried out by the IT experts who operate and manage the IT system, but as an essential management function of the organization. The linkage of risk assessment to drivers of shareholder value and key objectives is the key to success.

At RISIMS, we work with clients as part of the overall Operational Risk Assessment services aim at identifying the inherent risk based on the existing technology being employed by client.

The result oriented methodology help our clients to methodically apply better practices to manage risk; prepare a comprehensive risk management program; identify and evaluate existing controls and implement the required controls as part of risk mitigation strategies.

Vulnerability Assessments

New vulnerabilities appear every day due to flaws in software, faulty configuration of applications and IT gear, and possible human error. A comprehensive vulnerability management program needs to be incorporated that requires identification, detection and removal of vulnerabilities.

RISIMS conduct vulnerability assessments as a security practice to proactively prevent the exploitation of IT vulnerabilities that exist within an organization. The expected result is to reduce the time and money spent dealing with vulnerabilities and exploitation of those vulnerabilities. Proactively managing vulnerabilities of systems will reduce the potential for exploitation and involve considerably less time and effort than responding after exploitation has occurred. Vulnerability assessments are often confused with penetration testing. Think of vulnerability assessments as a first step in identifying potential external or internal risks to your applications and networks.

Vulnerability assessment deliverables include comprehensive reporting detailing exposures and associated risks together with advice from our security experts on the recommended solutions to address the identified vulnerabilities.

ASV Vulnerability Scanning

Security is a never-ending race against potential threats. As a result, it is necessary to regularly review, update and improve the PCI DSS.

RISIMS team work with clients to maintain PCI-DSS Compliance. This includes identifying the possible vulnerabilities, eliminating vulnerabilities and improves the risk posture of the organization. Quarterly ASV Vulnerability Scanning of internet facing systems is a requirement for many organisations to maintain PCI DSS compliance. Even if not required for PCI DSS compliance, regular vulnerability scanning is recommended as good security practice.
ASV Vulnerability Scanning is an automated process which validates the security of your internet facing systems and web applications, by scanning for configuration and security weaknesses.