Secure Governance, Risk and Compliance

Our corporate value relies on providing our customers as best of the breed of Information Security best practices. A secure Governance, Risk and Compliance framework is designed to bring resiliency to the current security ecosystem.

Our experts would consult on benefit realization of cyber security by performing the following steps;

  1. Understand current cybersecurity posture;
  1. Envision with stakeholders on their target state for cybersecurity;
  1. Assessment of cybersecurity risk
  1. Identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement within the context of a continuous and repeatable process;
  1. Assess progress toward the target state;
  1. Communicate among internal and external stakeholders about cybersecurity risk.
  1. Cyber security related personnel are appropriately trained.
  1. Processes are in place to support compliance of cybersecurity activities with applicable privacy laws, regulations and constitutional requirements.


Our focus is based on addressing the most common and damaging attack activities occurring today, and those anticipated in the near future. It is the responsibility of organizations to ensure that Enterprise environments must have consistent controls across to effectively negate attacks; counter defense strategy is in place, controls should be automated where possible, and periodically or continuously measured using automated measurement techniques where feasible. To address current attacks occurring on a frequent basis against numerous attack vectors, a variety of specific technical activities should be undertaken to produce a more consistent defense.