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    December 16, 2016

    Raising Awareness of Social Engineering Among Employees

    Social Engineering is one type of insider threats to IT Security. Why is this an insider threat? This is considered an insider threat because the source of a threat are your employees or business partners. That is why it is so important to introduce the problem of Social engineering to your employees and educate them on regular basis.

    Social engineering is one of the most common insider threats to company’s IT Security. Why is that? Many companies does not invest enough or at all in employee education regarding IT Security and threats that can emerge. There are a lot of social engineering techniques, such as pretexting, diversion theft, phishing, baiting, Quid pro quo and other.

    So how to protect yourself and your company from this types of attacks on IT Security. First of all, awareness of importance of IT Security among your employees is one of the most important things. Training employees according to their position in company and informations they get in touch every day is a second step. EMployees awareness is of great importance. When you have that accomplished you’re one step to the final goal of creating efficient IT Security. There are a lot of work that needs to be done here, like establishing security policies, protocols and procedures for handling information, but as said before, awareness of your employees and their training is maybe the most important step of all.

    Investing in IT Security is very important for every company no matter of it’s size and niche. Investing in IT Security helps reduce and mitigate the risks and threats to your most critical assets. Company becomes aware of the positive impact IT Security can have on it’s business.


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