• consultingpress delivering quality over quantity
    December 22, 2016

    ConsultingPress Delivering Quality Over Quantity

    Delivering high quality product requires detailed research, planning and time for execution. That’s why quality approach is sometimes more efficient that quantity approach. That’s why we decided to go on quality approach with ConsultingPress.

    First step in creation of this theme was industry research. We investigated consulting companies and fields of theirs expertise. As main consulting industry sectors for first set of layouts we found tourism consulting, IT Security Consulting, Management consulting and Finance consulting.

    The next step was to examine leading companies from each field. What they do, how they do it and how they present their content. We tried to identify the problems on their websites and set a clear set of points on what we would do better. By better we think about user experience and presentation of information in clear and user-friendly way.

    The result of our investigation is this theme and it’s layouts. Every pixel and every paragraph is there for a reason, with content that is suitable for that niche. No lorem lpsum text, but real, industry specific, SEO optimized content. Every image is related to the content it represents, every icon is there for a reason. We have invested great amount of time in research, design and development to give you exactly what you need without too many customizations, simply plug and play.


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