Strategy and Growth

Developing a 10-Year Business Strategy for MixLogistics

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Detailed Market Assessment for Aqua Park in Istria Croatia

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Strategy and Growth

We will Define your business goals and steps to achieve them through crafting competitive corporate strategy, detailed market assessment and sustainability and corporate responsibility creation. Our professional consultants will guide you through to strategy planning and implementation that will lead to business growth.

ConsultingPress will help you to constantly reinvent your business to keep you in competitive market race. We will help you define your vision, mission and organization functions and process that will support them and that is in line with your corporate strategy.

Activities and results:

  • Competitive Corporate Strategy Definition

    We will guide you in definition of corporate strategy that will be aligned to your company's long term vision and goals. The resulting strategy will be clear and flexible enough to allow reinventing your business and innovations and deliver increased value to your customers.

  • Market Assessment

    ConsultingPress will guide you through market assessment process and provide you with tools and knowledge to identify rapidly changing market trends and steps for aligning your strategy to avoid risks and recognize new business opportunities.

  • Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

    ConsultingPress will help you to embed sustainability efforts in your core business and give you clear understanding of return of investment by investing in this approach.

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