Customer Strategy

Customer segmentation process for LocaTravel Portugal

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Developing Customer Relationship Management Process for ATMarkets

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Customer Strategy

We will help you grow and defend against the global challenges. ConsultignPress will guide you through international market selection and enable you success in that market. ConsultingPress helps you in recognizing market potential it’s benefits and risks.

To expand on international markets you need a lot of expertise in terms of global taxes, industry knowledge and competitors. ConsultingPress professional advisors will help you build successful market entry strategy and market analysis.

Activities and results:

  • Customer segmentation

    ConsultingPress will help you determine your key customers and prioritize them. This will enable you to make better business decisions and allocate your critical resources.

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

    Custom design and implementation of Customer Relationship Management toll will help you recognize your key customers and give you complete picture of their needs. You will be able to provide real-time communication and possible adjustments to your business processes and functions.

  • Customer Planning and Management

    ConsultingPress will help you in developing your customer base and define experiences that will lead to creating more loyal customers.

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