Aerospace & Defense


Aerospace and defense

ConsultingPress serves both small and large companies in private and public sector. We provide full stack of services for aviation and defense industry including business strategy definition, mergers and acquisitions and some industry sector specific services like aerospace services, defense manufacturing, repair and maintenance in aviation industry.

Aviation industry is growing fast in the last few years. We will help you grow your business and increase productivity and on-time delivery using our professional guidance.

Rely on ConsultingPress for:

  • Performance Improvement

    We'll provide you the tools for efficient supply chain management, market segmentation, cost optimization and increase cash flow.

  • Advisory services

    We will help you in most challenging business practices like mergers and acquisitions, due diligence and global expansions. Our team of experts will guide you through every activity.

  • Risk management

    ConsultingPress will provide you with tools for risk assessment in financial and supply chain areas and risk mitigation. You worry about your core business, we'll take care of the risk management.