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Security Risk and Compliance

Building strong foundations for IT security implementation, management and control. Organizational structure of modern company is much more complicated than couple of years ago due to rapid change of technology. Thus, new threats arise which needs to be addressed when implementing new organizational architecture.

ConsultingPress will help you discover threats and vulnerabilities on all levels of your company and your most critical assets. We will help you address the risk and the quantify the risk for your critical assets and build efficient IT architecture and implement IT Security on all levels.

How we can help

Our professional team will help you in successful IT Security architecture and implementation. We will help to determine, analyze and minimize IT security threats that arise in modern business environment and provide you with tools to address them on time.

Reduce your IT security threats and costs by hiring Consulting Press.

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Security Risk & Compliance services we provide

  • Risk Management

    We will help you identify IT Security risks and gaps in IT Security in your company. Using our expertise you will be able to address all risks and create plan for their management and control.

  • Compliance

    We make sure that your IT Security strategies and plans are in sync with global norms and regulations.

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We will analyze threats and vulnerabilities that you face and offer you professional guidance in managing them.

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