Management consulting services


It’s well known that most consulting companies do not charge fixed fees. The pricing is based on project basis. However, there could be a need for featuring some kind of prices, like paid seminars or case studies, so we decided to include this element in ConsultingPress.

  • Basic

    $4000 / project

  • Basic IT Security management consulting
  • Basic consulting about IT Security
  • Cca 5 days project duration
  • For small business owners
  • Standard

    $8000 / project

  • Business IT Security consulting
  • Security Architecture & Implementation
  • Cca 12 days project duration
  • For medium business owners
  • Professional

    $12000 / project

  • Complete It Security consulting
  • Vulnerability & Threat Management, IT Security Architecture and Implementation, ...
  • Cca 30 days project duration
  • For large business owners