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Dynamics of success has changed. Cyber-attacks have increased exponentially over the last few years, exposing sensitive personal and business information, disrupting critical operations and imposing high costs on the economy. Due to unavoidable technological reliance, organizations became more vulnerable to cyber attacks such as Phishing, Corporate Security breaches and Social Media fraud.

Our dedicated team of professionals pay a key role in securing cyber ecosystem of organization through rigorous consulting activities and training.


Core areas are:

• Secure Governance, Risk & Compliance

• Technology Risk Assessments

• PCI Consulting

• Vulnerability Assessments

• Comprehensive Pen Testing

Combating cyber threats are shared responsibilities. Our team of professionals effectively respond to cyber incidents, provide technical assistance and disseminate timely and actionable notifications regarding current and potential security threats and vulnerabilities.


RISIMS team help evaluate security risks embedded in organizations current system and process. Our certified professionals will help you understand and evaluate your organization’s strengths and vulnerabilities, identify root causes, as well as recommend appropriate safeguards and corrective initiatives.